HERMES provides a sound basis for future proof Machine-to-Machine connectivity:

  • Transfer of PCBs from machine to machine with the PCB related attributes (Digital Twin)
  • State of the art connectivity with the possibility to reduce hardware expenses and line length (an example is barcode reading stations)
  • Full printed circuit board traceability along the line without multiple barcode readers

HERMES enables factory workflows with significant production improvements:

  • Automatic Conveyor Width Adjustment
  • Automatic Stacker Level Height Adjustment
  • Automatic Program Change
    • Program changeover based on product name/type
    • Barcode-controlled production without multiple bar code readers
    • Station-wise program download and activation
  • Process interlocking along the line without additional hardware
  • Special use case(s) for loader and unloader (Load Magazine, Scan Serial No, etc.)
  • Integration of dynamically variable conveyor systems for flexible routing between lines

IPC-CFX and IPC-HERMES Standards Work Together:

  • IPC HERMES 9852: Smart Replacement for SMEMA – simple, effective multi-vendor line management
  • IPC CFX Standard: IIoT Technology – comprehensive technology for smart production
  • HERMES & CFX Together: The IPC-CFX – Hermes Bridge – both technologies working together
    • Line to line build-record transfer
    • Hermes trace (execution data) communication

The Hermes Standard