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Summary Statement

The WES is the Warehouse Execution System, which is different from the traditional material management software WMS. The whole system not only manages information, but also integrates and controls the SMART SCAN, intelligent track, SMD BOX through advanced IoT technology,SMART LIGHT, X-RAY counter, AGV and other hardware, which avoids the information distortion that often happen in traditional software systems. The WES system can interconnect all the acquired information and MES/ERP in real time, and information interaction to ensure the real-time and accuracy of the user's material information. The basic functions of the WES system include: warehousing management, disk management, online feeding, UID unique code generation , material real-time inventory work order scheduling, placement machine communication, work order material delivery material push material traceability AGV path dynamic optimization, automatic storage, automatic return library, tray material.

Equipment Implementation Plan

Model # Implementation Date IPC-2591 CFX Topics That Will Be Supported
SMD BOX October 10, 2019  
SMD LIGHT October 10, 2019  
X-RAY COUNTER October 10, 2019